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In order to promote a stable and fun environment for all who call the Collective home, all members are required to abide by the below rules. Please familiarize yourself with these before choosing to apply!


Despite outward appearances, the Eldritch Collective is predominantly a home for the amoral or morally corrupt. Be prepared to be exposed to darker themes, including but not limited to torture and violence, and understand that while any permanent or semi-permanent consequences remain the choice of the affected player, there are consequences all the same.

Members are expected to remain open to all non-(semi)permanent consequences at all times, to be considerate of their actions and their potential results, and to ‘roleplay through’ whenever possible.


The Eldritch Collective is home to many players of diverse backgrounds. We celebrate that diversity, and though a little self-deprecating humor is welcome, there is zero tolerance for harassment, stalking, derogatory humor towards others, targeted attacks, epithets, or slurs of any kind.

That said, there are no content warnings, and members encountering difficult situations relating to their relationship to the use of certain language, images, or themes are expected to be accountable for themselves, and remove themselves from problematic scenarios without further issue. While our officers are happy to talk through any concerns you may have, we are ultimately not therapists and cannot be a replacement for trained mental health professionals.


Drama in roleplay is encouraged. Drama outside of roleplay is unacceptable. Shit-stirrers are not tolerated within the Eldritch Collective. That means no complaining about what happens in a story, no screaming about whether or not anyone attended an event, and certainly no talking about anyone behind their backs.

Members are expected to resolve disputes civilly, respectfully communicating with individuals with whom they may have issues in an attempt to resolve them.

Leadership is not responsible for the resolution of petty disputes or roleplaying disagreements. Unless provided with evidence of a breach of our rules or harassing behavior, leadership will only mediate a disagreement after an attempt at resolution in good faith has been made.


Creativity is awesome, but we believe creativity is most awesome when forced to be creative within boundaries. The Eldritch Collective has guidelines in place to help characters remain consistent with the lore of Final Fantasy XIV – not just in terms of what exists in the lore, but also what makes sense for worldbuilding in general. While the Warrior of Light may exist, having fifty of them running around isn’t really consistent with the setting. Maintaining awareness of that divide between the game and the world is critical to roleplaying with us.

Members are expected to familiarize themselves with our roleplaying philosophy, to ask questions where they feel their ideas may not be congruent with expectations, and to make a good faith effort to uphold it in their own roleplay both in and – as representatives of our tag – outside of the company during the course of their tenure in the free company.

To be clear: we don’t care if our members get caught up in roleplay that doesn’t necessarily align with ours, but we do expect a member’s character actions and traits to align with us, and to avoid having any such problematic stories tie back to involve the free company.

The Eldritch Collective reserves the right to assess and coach or remove players who fail to adequately align with this philosophy.


Members of the Collective are expected to play fair, both in and out of character. Do not exploit the game, the economy, or other players, and certainly don’t brag about the fact.

As far as roleplay goes, the usual applies; no meta-gaming, power-gaming, or god-moding. Familiarize yourself with the concept of ‘Bad Roleplay‘ before applying!


While we understand and respect that some people feel that erotic roleplay (ERP) is an important part of character development, we find that it tends to cause more problems than not, and prefer to keep it out of sight and out of mind. If you absolutely must engage in ERP, you must do so behind closed doors and out of the purview of our out-of-character and in-character environment.

This means that in addition to not soliciting ERP with other members (natural growth of a relationship is fine!), you may also not discuss your ERP antics beyond the acknowledgment that characters may have slept together. No one wants to hear about how you got spitroasted in lurid detail.

Furthermore, any character (RP alt or no) within the Eldritch Collective Free Company may not, under any circumstances, advertise themselves as open to, or seeking, ERP in their search comment.


Our stories move fast and it can be tough to follow and engage if you aren’t regularly active. To that end, while we appreciate everyone’s interest, we ask that unless you are strictly a Cross World member, no alts be brought into the Collective unless your (Balmung) main is already here, or you plan to play your alt just as much as – if not more than – your current ‘main’.

Additionally, members who have been inactive for 30 or more days without communicating a planned absence will be contacted on Discord and given 48 hours to respond, and may be removed from the free company if they have not affirmed an intent to return to the game.


While the Collective allows its members to maintain alts within either the linkshell or the company itself, alt characters are required to abide by the following rules:

  • Members may maintain any number of alts within the Free Company, but due to limited space are restricted to one (1) alt with access to the linkshells. This limit may be further reduced pending capacity.
  • Any character on Balmung must be a member of the Free Company in order to access our linkshells. Only cross-world alts are permitted to join the linkshells without needing to be in the Free Company.
  • All alts added to the Free Company must be designated as either a roleplaying or non-roleplaying character.
  • All roleplaying alts within the company must adhere to our roleplaying philosophy, as well as submit a background for approval, regardless of whether you intend to roleplay the character as a member of the Eldritch Collective or not.
  • Both linkshell and company alts must be declared in the ‘short messages’ section of your Free Company character (if not a CrossWorld-only member).
  • Alts and/or mains may not under any circumstances be considered to communicate with each other, either directly or indirectly, nor should events witnessed by any character prompt the player to switch to a different character in order to react. To do so is considered metagaming, and if you are found to be doing this you may be subject to immediate removal.
  • Only one character per player may hold a position of authority within the Collective’s leadership structure.



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