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      26 Feb

    Huge welcome to all the new prospects over the past couple of days! Please bear with us while we try and get to everyone - officers should be reaching out soon!

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Where shall we go?

Introductions 29 Apr 2016
Good evening, guys, gals and all those between! As you might have assumed I am making my formal introduction thread within the forum of the same name. (what a concept) An introduction whose purpose will simply be to familiarize you, the reader, with me and vice versa.   Firstly, my name is K...
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Ready for a sick beatdown!?

Introductions 29 Apr 2016
Hello, guys and gals and demons and potatoes! I'm clearly new, Ferox Inundatus of Balmung, Kaan is my name in real life! *gasp* I live in the prison island of Australia, yes I have an accent, yes you can hear me say things eventually! I'm a super optimistic person, known to be a bit too honest at...
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Enter the Witch

Introductions 25 Apr 2016
i just now realized i still haven't done this yet considering i'm already in the FC, but howdy, name's mori ! i'm balmung's favorite local witchy mom highlander (momlander, even), friend (and IC mother) of nikita zolin/ilya and i'm stoked to get to know everyone ! to be honest i'm a little bit sh...
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V'aokhi'a here!

Introductions 25 Apr 2016
Hey! I've seen everyone around/roleplaying before, and I'm very interested in joining ranks! After asking about more information and speaking to Domenick, I wanted to give everything I had!  *bows* Please accept me, senpai!   As far as Khi, he's a child of a Sun and Moon, hence the name...
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A wild Zailin appears!

Introductions 25 Apr 2016
Hello, hello~! Domenick has been bothering me to join for a while, and I've finally surrended to the curiosity! Some of you guys may have seen me hanging about the FC mansion in game already, some of you may have even gotten into a fight with Zai already. (xD!) Looking forward to (hopefully) join...
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