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      11 Jun

    Still here! Lots of stuff going on in my RL, my Dad had a massive stroke which has knocked me for six, a restructure at work has me heading down the path of working for myself. So yeah, busy but am coping. Awesome family helps :)

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The Eldritch Annals 29 Jan 2016
We all seek order.  The urge is natural, but in the same way that sickness is a part of life.  The desire to arrange everything in our lives is a disease that we catch early, and never conquer until our last breath. Watch children play in the streets and you will see those truths. ...
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Introductions 26 Jan 2016
Hi there! My name is Shelly and I'm a prospective member of the Eldritch Collective! I'm also really bad at intros, but... without further ado!    Mungentuya is the older sister is Kharatsengel. She's a pretty cool person, optimistic and caring to a fault, but can be prone to bouts of c...
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Introductions 25 Jan 2016
I'm going to preface this thread by saying that I am awful at introduction threads. That being said, I'll try and power through it!   Hey there, I'm the player behind Kharatsengel Qalli! You can call me Khara. I live on a rock in the middle of the ocean, and I play far too many video games....
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Introductions 25 Jan 2016
Hello!  I am Ella, and this is the post in which I try to create some sort of personal connection between you and myself.  Since I have neither knowledge of who you, the reader, are, nor precisely what conclusion you are hoping to draw about me, I am just going to bumble through my Inte...
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It's-ah me!

Introductions 12 Jan 2016
I'm the player behind Adamine--but call me Z or Zeph--and I'm not as mean as Adamine might make it seem. (heh that rhymed) I'm a reader, a writer, an animator in my part time. I animate and draw concepts for monsters for smaller indie-games, one which is set to come out later this year. I work fu...
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