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    • Contract Name: "Hyper Cog-nition”
      Mission Ranking: 1 Star
      Briefing: The gears of change are beginning to turn once again, and new projects are are beginning to rear their heads one after another. For the Black Vault specifically, pushes toward aetheric research and the specifics of its many facets are the face of the season, but such careful research requires more than just the tomes housed in the basement. Custom equipment will be needed for the work, and that requires well made, hand-wrought parts.
      The Miners and Smiths that call this house home have been tasked with procuring and manufacturing the components to build this necessary equipment, listed as follows;

      - Steel Ingots x5
      - Steel Rivets x10
      - Electrum Rings x5
      - Rubellite x1
      - Tourmaline x1
      - Empty Crystal x1
      - Silver Star Globe x1

      A team of gatherers and crafters capable of creating these articles to exact specified measurements (see attached document) will work together, and turn in the items as a team to Pathfinder Maiya Maiilah for appraisal upon completion. The higher the quality of your crafts, the more favorably your work will be viewed. (If I don't see your own Makers Mark stamped on these, I will not be happy)

      Undersized: --
      Priority: Low
      Setups: --
      Reasoning: Requisition,
      Team size: Up to 4



      Contract Name: "Shadow of the Coal'ossus: pt1”
      Mission Ranking: 2 Star

      Briefing: It has been nigh on cycles since the Cape Westwind incident occurred in Thanalan, but despite the success of Operation Archon, Castrum Marinum stirs once more. Rumors of the the experimental battlesuit worn by Castrum Praefectus “Rhiatyn sas Arvina” walking the Castrum's battlements have floated in whispers around Ul'dah these past quarters. Dubbed 'The Walking Smog', in respect for the great clouds of smoke that seem to spill from the only partially repaired machine-armor.
      The Immortal Flames are keeping a wide berth, but have posted a bounty for the capture of the suit and its new pilot to any wayward adventurer who believes themselves up to the task, but such technology, however damaged, needs require careful capture and study, lest it and any subsequent reproductions fall into the hands of less wise elements than ourselves.

      But raiding a Castrum is no easy task. Scout the area. Identify possible escape routes, the size of Imperial Remnant forces that still call the Seafort home, And (if possible), the identity of the pilot manning this Reborn monster of a Machina.

      Undersized: -- 
      Priority: Med
      Setups: -- 
      Reasoning: Scouting/Intel
      Team size: Up to 4


      Contract Name: "Gnathing to Gain, Gnathing to Lose."
      Mission Ranking: 2 Star
      Briefing: A pair of couriers and their 'bo's were set to travel from Idyllshire, to Tailfeather, to Ishgard and then Camp Cloudtop... however, no such party of their description has been reported to have even traveled through Tailfeather. Their goods, some small collection of manuscripts from the Great Gubal Library, were presumed to be long burnt firewood, their caravan, no better. They were presumed lost... until one of their 'bo's hobbled up to Tailfeather, bereft of charge, package, but white scales caught in its beak. Investigate the missing caravan, the members for favor, the tomes for the Vault.
      Undersized: --
      Priority: Low
      Setups: --
      Reasoning: Knowledge, Requisition, Rescue
      Team size: 3+


      Contract Name: "Eggscendant"
      Mission Ranking: 3 Star (Bardam's Mettle)
      Briefing: "For a man like Jebei, Eorzea is a veritable smorgasbord. Although he's willing and able to hunt for himself, new members of the Collective represent an opportunity. An opportunity for teaching. An opportunity for bloodshed. An opportunity...For eggs. Jebei has sampled the eggs of various creatures, but now he longs for a taste of home. The eggs of the massive Yol dwelling within Bardam's Mettle should do nicely. Another primary objective: The Khun Shavar. Animated training dummies. While the people of the steppe may know how these creatures work, we do not and knowing things just happens to be one of our strong suits. Let's fix that."
      Undersized: No
      Priority: High
      Setups: None
      Reasoning: Requisition.
      Team size: 4



      Contract Name: "The Three Headed Shedder. (Part 2)"
      Mission Ranking: 1 Star (Halatali)
      Briefing: "I don't know what Ul'dah has more problems with, beast or politics.........Politics, but that's not the point. Despite our work done about a fortnight they are still calling for more adventurers to the exact.....Same.....Place.....Halatali. Apparently the training animals after the last fiasco have begun to.....Get a little stir crazy and well now they need to be put down as well. It's been said that they hired a....questionably renown or infamous depending on how you know them.....adventuring party to clear the animals out but instead they've gotten themselves lost and trapped inside by the beast they were supposed to be slaying. Well....Let's go make ourselves look good....again."
      Undersized: Yes, Minimum IL
      Priority: Medium
      Setups: None
      Reasoning: PR and Elimination.
      Team size: 4



      Contract Name: "All Choked Up"
      Mission Ranking: 2 Star. (Dark Devices - Full Fate Chain (all four sync'd) - North Thanalan)
      Briefing: "In the previous mission to Sastasha a mysterious necklace was found which promptly affixed itself to the neck of one of the collective members and attempted to end their life through asphyxiation. We want to know who was behind this, and why they are creating such objects. Upon the back of the necklace was a symbol of a black hand curled into a fist. This is your clue.

      Head to Limsa Lominsa and speak with the port authorities there - find out if any more shipments of black hand materials have made it through port, where they came from, and where they were headed. Fail to find out, and the trail ends cold here..."
      Undersized: No.
      Priority: Medium
      Setup: Find port authorities in Limsa Lominsa to track the creation of illegal magical items harmful to their wielders. Find where they're coming from, and see what we can dig up.
      Reasoning: Investigation
      Team size: 3-6



      Contract Name: "Grave Situations."
      Mission Ranking: 1 Star. (Dzemael Darkhold)
      Briefing: "Some weeks ago we were tasked with retrieving the white mage stone belonging to the Farreihm clan as a trade to learn more about controlling and harnessing the Rage--and to maintain peace. Well...they're dead now. But a white mage stone is worth searching for. The first step is finding the hiding place of Tahni's journal, which might hold more clues about where she took the artifact. We've determined she left it in the resting place of an old 'friend,' and that grave might be here.

      The Darkhold might not be that dangerous but Tahni was. She's already proven she left traps that have remained deadly years after her death. Be careful, and keep the provided antidotes handy."
      Undersized: Yes, but with Minimum IL
      Priority: Medium
      Setups: None; the antidote has been synthesized and distributed.
      Reasoning: Requisition


    • Contract Name: "An Inkling for Treasure." 
      Mission Ranking: 1 Star. (Sastasha Hard)
      Briefing: "Whispers and Hums about Pirate Treasure around Limsa spread almost as fast as disease in the quicksands and with that; Yet another Pirate coup has been staged. Why we should care? This was was odd in it's nature. The Captain at fault seems to be quite furious that this decision was completely unanimous, despite in the past moon having no bad blood with anyone who sat aboard their ship. Regardless of all that he seems to be most upset about his..... 'Booty.' That remains in the Grotto his lot called home. Rare Trinkets, Gems, Weapons, and Armor. Rumor has it he is amassing another crew to take back what is his. Let's see if we can't score ourselves something first. "
      Undersized: No.
      Priority: Low.
      Setups: A single scouting of the Grotto and what lies inside Can be done while the mission is active or beforehand.
      Reasoning: Requisition.
      Team size: 4 (Full Dungeon Party.)

      Difficulty: Very Hard (Claimed) No Spots Open.

      Contract Name: "Divine Cordycept'ion"
      Mission Ranking: 2 Star. (Saint Mocianne's Arboretum)
      Briefing: "The old Sharlayan colony in the Dravanian Hinterlands had long been a treasuretrove plundered soley by the inhabitants of Idyllshire, and mercenary scholars pulled in from the outside. But there remains one localle in the heap whose vaulted roof has scarse been cursorarily scoured by warrior and treasure hunter alike. The great Arboretum dedicated to St. Mocianne. A vast, labyrinthian place that once housed the greated collection of Flora and Fauna that the realm has ever known.

      Samples of some of the more obscure species contained within its walls will be more than invaluable to the Science department, and Pathfinder Maiilah in particular has requested that a team locate and secure a species of plant rumored to graft itself into a living animal's central nervous system, and control the hosts actions. But be careful not to become implanted yourselves."
      Undersized: No.
      Priority: Medium
      Setup: Research into the parasitic plant required. Can be done using the Vault botanical section, or gathering information onsite.
      Reasoning: Requisition/R&D
      Team size: 4 (Full Dungeon Party.)

      Difficulty: Hard

      CLAIMED! Completed


      Contract Name: "The Three Headed Shedder. (Part 1)"
      Mission Ranking: 1 Star. (Halatali Normal)
      Briefing: "Ul'dah has put out a bounty for any willing adventurers. They seek for folks who wouldn't mind delving  into the Training Grounds of Halatali and Handling a Pest Problem they have. Apparently beast have still be able to slip into the cracks of the building and are laying eggs. They do not wish for the nest to be found, just for the main grounds to be cleared so they can send their own people in. Now it's no secret that we don't have the best relationship with Ul'dah and the Flames. So let's go out there and Extend a helping hand. Make us look good."
      Undersized: Yes, but with Minimum IL. 
      Priority: Medium
      Setups: None. Go in and spill some blood.
      Reasoning: PR and Bounty.
      Team size: 3-4 

      Difficulty: Medium

      CLAIMED! Completed 

      Contract Name: "The Organ Trail."
      Mission Ranking: 1 Star
      Briefing: "I'm not sure how much explaining this needs. Join in the Grand Company hunt. Coerthas is having problems with Redhorn Ogres and Taurus' and nothing is easier than paying people cheap gil to kill best instead of paying your actual soldiers. I want us to use this opportunity to Collect as much info on beast of this kind as we can. Keep them as intact as possible and deliver at the very least one body of each for study."
      Undersized: N/A
      Priority: Low
      Setups: None. Go spill some blood.
      Reasoning: Bounty. Knowledge.
      Team size: 1-4 

      Difficulty: Easy

    • The first set of Jobs will be posted in just a bit!

    • Dim light's flickered through the chamber halls giving life to the empty and silent halls. It was sometime late at night, and soon enough the silence would be broken by the sounds of a squeaky metal drawer being yanked open. 

      The source of the noise...The Envoy's office. 

      A bit more silence filled the room, before his door swung open, much like the drawer and from it emerged a Keeper male holding a large wooden sign. Two Twin Mammets followed; who in turn held the sign up against a wall, while he began to hammer it into place.  

      Sign Reading as follows: Collective Job Board


      The Job board will work as a supply of Miscellaneous  Missions/Jobs/Task for EVERYONE to take as a way to both prove themselves and have something to do while they are not currently involved in an Active plot, or just want to be able to have contributed something. 

      The board is currently hanging up Just outside of Kibaa's Office.

      Mission's will be presented as followed. 
      Contract Name: "......."
      Mission Ranking: 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star. [1 Star=A Realm Reborn content. 2 Star= Havensward Content. 3 Star= Stormblood Content.]
      Briefing: "......."
      Undersized: Y/N  [If a Dungeon is of Low Level, but ICLY would provide an actual challenge to the Collective's members Undersizement will not be allowed.]
      Priority: High, Medium, Low
      Setups: 1-4 Prior missions that may be needed to get to what it is we need.
      Reasoning: PR, Knowledge, Rescue, Bounty, Requisition.
      Team size: 1-4 

      To Claim a Mission: Message Kibaa#7298 on Discord. (Or if you prefer come to me In Character.) Discord if preferred however.

    • Anxious. Overjoyed. Nauseated. I'm feeling all of this and more. I owe Azrat and Zahri so much for finding this tome for me. All the answers I have been searching for the past moons....every expedition I have been on has finally been found in this weathered and torn tome. After our expedition through the Antitower we were able to find the missing pages, then I worked.

      Several sleepless nights. Many draughts drunk to keep me awake.....

      It got to me after a while. Translating Thavnairian text is no easy task, especially this writing ages old. But I did it. After several suns, I finally did it. Every page, every script...translated. After reading back through the tome I was not expecting anything less than another puzzle. Cryptic rhymes. But if one was trying to grasp at the goal I am trying to achieve no wonder the writer did not want this to be easy. 

      Eleven rhymes. Twelve reagents. Six elixirs. One spiritual anchor.

      I...I can't do this alone. The Magister and Magistrix already know of this plan, but I need the Collective's help. I need everyone's help. I cannot screw this up. Everything has to be perfect for this to work.


      ...If this does.....I can help them. I can help the Collective on a different level. Nhaama guide my hand and Thaliak guide my knowledge.