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      26 Feb

    Huge welcome to all the new prospects over the past couple of days! Please bear with us while we try and get to everyone - officers should be reaching out soon!

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Hello! Is it me you're looking for?

Introductions 06 Jul 2016
I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYES! I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR SM--   Alright, fine. Yo. Name's Crimson Elm. You can call me Crimson. Or Elm. Or Redwood. Or...anything, really. I'm an avid roleplayer and an outgoing chitter-chatter...er...looking for an FC to get involved back into. I've been bouncing out...
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Hello :)

Introductions 05 Jul 2016
Hi, it's Rawo. Forgot to post this earlier so thought I'd better get round to it. Just getting back into final fantasy after a bit of a break and looking to try my hands at some new rp. Usually a bit on the shy or quiet side but I promise I don't stay that way for long...okay maybe that last part...
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Hello! Sorry... I forgot to post this.... : (

Introductions 30 Jun 2016
Hello everyone!    Names Kataani, but real names Meghan and I have been enjoying you all so so so much!!  I live in Texas and love dogs and cats and birds and all animals!    First starting out I played Counter Strike Souce CAL-I comp. which I then turned to WoW. I starte...
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I am possibly a thing!

Introductions 11 Jun 2016
Hello! I'm posting this because I was told to! ...I'm a good little robot! But really, I saw an ad in the party finder, and was interested. I'm from Connecticut, USA. I'm 26 and for the most part my hobbies include video games, and RP. I do work full time, and so pretty much every single moment I...
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Good news everyone, I fixed the poison slime pipes!

Introductions 10 Jun 2016
Hello! *wave*   I'm Kailani, but you can call me Kai or Lani, or hey you with the face, whichever you really prefer. I was a little nervous posting here, because I have a tendency for being incredibly shy at first and then wooooooooooooosh, flood gates of sarcasm and sass, which I'm apologiz...
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