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      26 Feb

    Huge welcome to all the new prospects over the past couple of days! Please bear with us while we try and get to everyone - officers should be reaching out soon!

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      11 Jun

    Still here! Lots of stuff going on in my RL, my Dad had a massive stroke which has knocked me for six, a restructure at work has me heading down the path of working for myself. So yeah, busy but am coping. Awesome family helps :)

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From Russia with Love (Well. From Russia, not really sure...

Introductions 24 May 2016
Greetings and salutations, and all that.  So hey- My name's Синтия ('Sintiya' for all you non-Cyrillic users out there) and I'm from the glorious Yakut/Sakha ASSR, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. Or, well, at least that's where I was born. Born & raised in Russia, with my native languages be...
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Introductions 23 May 2016
Hello everyone! I'm generally pretty awful at these kind of things, so I guess I'll try to start off light! I'm mostly known in game as Val, but I have applied on another character: Melfice Vainchelon.    I've been playing XIV since release, and Final Fantasy games in general since the...
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Ingway here, hello!

Introductions 22 May 2016
Hello to those that I have yet to meet and hello again to those that I've already met! My character name is Ingway Fawles, but my real name is Alex, and I'm a 25 years old canadian. Full time student and apprentice woodworker. I enjoy coffee, horror movies/books, cats, chinese takeout and of cour...
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Hihi! Pleasure to meetcha!

Introductions 21 May 2016
Hihi! I'm dL, the player behind Hazel Sky! Feel free to refer to me as Hazel, though. I've been on Balmung for about 4 months, hailing originally from Brynhildr. Hazel's eternally bonded to Dadata Data from the Gilded Pony, but I haven't been in an FC since I arrived. I love to RP, help out with...
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Hello everyone new face here!

Introductions 20 May 2016
Hello my name is Justin My Character's name is Thalora Evrardoux. I have been playing FFXIV for about 2 years. I'm not big on keeping up with content I am a casual player as most of the time I have to choose between content and RP aaand I love crafting stories. For the bast few months it has been...
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