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    • Hello; I am Hiram Medjai and looking to apply to your guild. I"m about two weeks old with FFXIV and have been working hard to get nice and leveled so I can put a lot of good hours of RP'ing with good folks (which you all seem to be)

      I hope to get a chance to work with each of you in the future.


      Thank you for reading.

    • Aaah, I must have been asleep! I ended up staying up until like 8:30am ><;; I'll definitely send you a tell!!

    • Welcome, Isuke! Sorry for the delays in reaching out - it's been a wild couple of days (and the brief website downtime hasn't helped any). I'm glad to have another doman in the mix!

      I tried reaching out in-game this morning but you may have been afk - I should be available throughout the day, so if you'd like to ping me here or in-game whenever you are ready for a character meet-up, feel free to do so! I look forward to getting to know your character. :)

    • Hello! I'm Isuke, you can call me Isu, Suke or whatever you please!! Similarly to Titus I'm seen around the house quite a bit and I've finally decided to join! I've interacted with a few of the nice people in the FC/Group and I've come to really like them! Kataani first mentioned this place to me OOCly a little bit after I met her and I've been contemplating joining since! I have pretty open playing times, EST timezone and you can message me/contact me in game whenever it's needed. n v n


      So!! I hope to be chatting and RPing with more of you in the future and having fun with the plots within the group. ^^: