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    • Welcome! It was a blast Rping with you and I look forward to more fun times! :D

    • Hello~ Hello~

        I'm here to share a word, Self.

       I've roamed around for a while, jumping from game to game; from group to group. I've RPed for about as long. I like meeting new people, making new friends, touching new themes, and forming new worlds. As such, it's thrilling to be able to adhere myself to a focused and themed group as to be able to grow and explore new themes.

       To bring it to the present, I've played FFXIV since it's 1.0 inception. I still have the "Barbarccia Valadis" character birth certificate offered by the collectors edition; fun fact. I think... I got about a two month's mileage out of 1.0, one can only kill so many crabs before the game uses it's luster. During the game's 2.0 beta I was re-invited. I thought to myself... 'I'll never go back, but it couldn't hurt to try it out~' so I did, and then the month came up and I subbed for another... You know, to get a feel for the new content. Then an expansion dropped... 'Oh! The opportunity!' and... I plunged and bought it.

       Things have happened since then, and now we're here. You and I.

       That window, little over two years now offered me many new experiences. It was the first time I RPed in a game. (I know, how novel!) I had my first character, and then she grew, and grew. She survived a server swap, plot lines, always having to pick herself up from the ground. The lost of friends, family... facing insurmountable odds, maybe... a little romance. It's been a journey, an adventure of torrential winds and harrowing revelations.

       I hope to be able to pitch in, to build something special. To add to the atmosphere, wonder, and mystery of the world /we/ all share collectively. I look forward to joining a community of like minded people. To take new experiences, and to grow and play with you all.

       For there to be Self... there first needs to be Us.

      You and I.


      Edited by Barbarccia Valadis
    • Hiya, I am from Puerto Rico and I am 33 years old (yeah I am old). I would like to say hello and I would love to join you guys and have fun with you. I hope to get accepted and just mess around with you guys.

    • Hey, Im not too sure what to write here, but I skimmed others. My Name's Cody. I work in data entry in an office for 5 hours, 3-5 days a week. And I have an addiction to tw-..four things. Eating, sleeping, mmoing and rping. and one of those things I haven't done for a while. and I've come to Balmung to fix that.

      So, I have a lot of experience roleplaying. Been doing it since 2005-6, starting on gaiaonline. Im looking to devote my time fully to rp and progression so I can get to lvl 50 pretty quick. I also made these characters to experience the arr story again, which i think is under appreciated. I look forward to hopefully being apart of the team!

      (Also!!!; Florids is having a storm. and with the maintenance and such) On top of that, I am going to Michigan to help my grandparents. And Im hopeing to have some sort of computer there with me. because I am a mess without one. So, i might of afk for a month after the 14th of October.